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What you need to know about the Gate King ®

What you need to know about the Gate King ®

June 22, 2020


What does the Gate King® do?

The GateKing® replaces your stock tailgate cables, and lets you adjust your tailgate to several different positions. No more cables. Now you can use strong chromoly steel bars that let you maximize the use of your tailgate bed. Secure your Motorcycles, ATV, surfboards, furniture, lumber, DIY equipment, etc., in the bed of your pick-up truck.


How many do I receive in the box?

Each GateKing® order comes with a set of two. Each with a left and right configuration. Be sure to install both of them securely following the instructions (included) to get the most use and strength out of the set. The box also includes, the hardware, safety clamp, and Instruction Manual for your particular make, model and year.


How easy is this to install?

About as easy as it can get. Each side takes about 3-5 minutes to unscrew the cables and install our Gate King® set. No drilling required and all of the hardware is provided. There are now several installation videos on YouTube with great details on how to install your particular set in just a few minutes as well.


How do I use these?

When not in use, they just open and close the tailgate bed as regular cables do. When you need to use the Gate King®, simply engage the latching pin on each side and lift your tailgate to the desired height. You will hear a satisfying click to ensure the ratchet and pin are engaged. It is a great feeling to know you have them on your tailgate whenever you need that extra lift to keep your valuables inside the bed of the truck.


Can I use my tailgate normally, or do I have to take them off when I don’t need them?

The Gate King ® replaces your old cables with a strong Chromoly steel set, and you can keep them on your truck for as long as you like! Also, the neutral position lets them work just like normal cables, only they look 10 times cooler! When you need them, it’s just a flick of the clip and you are now maximizing the use of your tailgate.


Will this work on both of my trucks?

Each make, model and year of truck do require a specific SKU. While the Gate King® is compatible with almost every new truck on the market today, the product itself is not universal. You will have to buy two sets for two different trucks.


How sturdy is this?

Each Gate King® has been made using quality steel right here in the USA. Basically, it’s as tough as the brand-new truck you just bought. It is recommended that you use the proper load capacity as stated in your vehicle manual. We also ask that you secure your cargo properly when transporting your valuables. Please see last week’s Blog about securing your cargo.


How much weight will these hold?

While we cannot give an official weight limit at this time, they have been tested to be as strong as the tailgate cables they are replacing. For safety, it is recommended that you follow the proper load capacity as stated in your vehicle manual. Give them a try and see for yourself.


Will these be fine in the rain and snow?

GateKing® is coated to be everything-proof using a special coating process, meaning that the elements won’t stand a chance! Just like any steel exposed to the elements, we recommend you keep it clean and use a lubricant if necessary.


Do these replace all of my straps and tie-downs?

While the GateKing® does allow for more space in your truck bed, it is still recommended that you secure all cargo using straps and/or tie-downs to prevent any of your equipment from bouncing out of your truck bed. Please follow your vehicle’s load capacity recommendations.


Why do I need the Gate King ® instead of my stock cables?

The stock cables are just that. A basic cable that opens and closes the tailgate. Why not install the Gate King® and create more options for your tailgate?  Whether you have a short bed or long bed or are transporting something longer than the truck or cargo that just needs that extra security, the Gate King® solves your needs.



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