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How to secure your gear in the bed of your pick-up truck? 5 Easy Steps

How to secure your gear in the bed of your pick-up truck? 5 Easy Steps

June 13, 2020

It happens when you least expect it. Driving up to the mountains or the next Glen Helen Race with all your riding gear, ramp and gas tanks in the back. Or when you’re transporting some lumber, paint and other DIY materials to your home. That’s when, all of a sudden, you look out your rear-view mirror and see the garage sale trail following you.

There are Five Easy Steps that can secure your cargo and keep everything safe in the bed of your pick-up truck.

First, strap it in. With several sizes to choose from, there is no excuse to find what you need to travel safely from one place to another. We found some cool straps from our partners at, and

Second, make sure everything in the bed fits securely. Take time to place the cargo in a way that there is not much room in between items in the truck. Basically, keep them snug up against the other belongings in the truck so as to avoid loose items or a lot of play in the bed of the pick-up truck. It’s kind of like doing a jig-saw puzzle. You want the pieces in the truck to all fit well together.

Third, maintain a low level of gravity. In other words, avoid stacking up your stuff too high in the back of the bed. This is for several reasons. You want to keep things from tipping over or getting top heavy. It’s also important, when possible, to keep the line of vision clear inside the cab of the truck when driving. It obviously also makes it easier to strap down and properly secure your goods better.

Fourth, use the Gate King ® a tailgate adjuster cable replacement. This works as an added tool when the cargo overflows past the truck bed’s length. How many times has your lumber or equipment you are transporting been longer than the pick-up truck bed?

Now picture, all of it staying in the back with one simple click on your Gate King ® Tailgate Adjuster set. The Gate King ® simply replaces your cables and provides multiple positions so you can secure your lumber, equipment, paint cans, bicycles or motorcycles in any position you need.

Make more use of your truck bed and replace the stock cables with these new highly graded steel sets. The install is as fast as removing your old cables and putting the new Gate King ® sets on.

Fifth, do a pre-check before heading out on the open road. Visualize how the cargo may adjust when driving in windy, bumpy or off-road conditions. Double check the tension on the straps. Make sure the Gate King ® set is in the optimal position and both sides are engaged.

Now you’re ready to roll. Remember it’s the law to keep your cargo secure and more importantly it’s your responsibility to transport your cargo as safely as possible to protect yourself, other people’s lives and, of course, your cargo.

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