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Our Story

We grew up riding dirt bikes from Northern California all the way down to the Los Angeles Hills of Southern California. Back then, motorcycle companies would constantly be coming up with new innovations for equipment and bikes, but never anything for hauling our equipment in the family pickup. While our father kept watching as we used straps and tie-downs to squeeze our dirt bikes in the back of the pickup, he had an a-ha moment. What if we could leave the tailgate open? What if we didn’t have to fiddle with those plastic cargo compartments that hang over the tailgate? What if there was a way to actually adjust the angle of the tailgate? With over 52 years of manufacturing experience in the aerospace and automotive industry, we set out with our father to come up with a solution of our own.

After a few years of designing and prototyping, we finally have our first product. Gate King™. Custom-built with our patented Tailgate Adjuster® ratchet system and made for all pickup truck owners. Not only has this product been tested to meet the endurance and strength needs of anything you may want to haul in your pickup, but it also works with every major pickup truck on the road today. It is a product designed in California and made right here in the USA.

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